Thank You, Galen!

This is always nice to hear:
Thank you so much Kristen! Everyone looked so beautiful, and my guests kept stopping me to stare at my lashes – no joke! We had a total blast getting ready with you ladies. I seriously want to do it all over again! You will be getting incredible reviews from us on any site that will let me post one ūüôā As soon as we get back from paradise, that is!
I really hope I can find another excuse to have you make me up soon!! Until then, aloha!
I had such a great time working with Galen and her family and friends this past weekend! ¬†I can’t wait to see pictures!

Jen and Cristina’s Wedding

bw stairs

posed next to barn ring exchange

I promised Jen the day we did her trial that her wedding day would never be as muggy and humid as it was that day. ¬†Me and my big mouth! ¬†The day these two lovely ladies got married was one of the soupiest weather days I’ve ever had a wedding. ¬†I was thrilled to see that these ladies stayed gorgeous throughout their ceremony.